Unfortunately there is no OS X package of the new Childsplay (>= 0.99) at the moment. We are working on it.

However, if you really like to test some activities, you can download the OS X application bundle of the 'old' Childsplay package at Sourceforge: Childsplay-0.85.1_1

There are some problems with it, we know ;-)

Main problem is that although all languages are in it, they are not displayed.
Easiest solution is to open a terminal in the location where Childsplay is copied and type:
LANG=nl_BE.utf8 LANGUAGE=nl_BE.utf8 childsplay_sp
where you replace nl_BE with your locale.

If you want to speed up development of Childsplay on OSX, please send me an email to encourage me! We receive almost no feedback on OSX, so some encouraging words would be nice :-)

Mails can be send to chris.van.bael@gmail.com